Bay Area Math Project (BAMP) Institute for teachers

For an author, early feedback on his book is always eagerly awaited. Based on the material in Teaching to Intuition, I was invited to be one of the instructors at a (San Francisco) Bay Area Math Project (BAMP) Summer Institute for teachers. My fellow instructors were some of the top Math educators at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and San Mateo County Office of Education’s STEM Center (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), generously funded by Oracle and the Heising-Simons Foundation.  For my first presentation, I shared the morning with Harold Asturias, UC Berkeley’s director of the Center for Mathematics Excellence and Equity (CeMEE). (Let me put it bluntly: As a member of the AAAAAIE (*), I am impressed with all these acronyms). Feedback from participants was particularly encouraging and I had my first book-signing experience.  I am including here material from the Institute’s flyer:

From July 30 through August 8th, the Bay Area
Mathematics Project (BAMP) and the San Mateo County
Office of Education (SMCOE) invite teachers from grades K
through 8 to participate in the Fractions from a Common
Core Perspective Institute. The California Mathematics
Project (CMP) Task Force has produced wonderful
professional development materials about fractions on the
number line, a representation that the math Common Core
(CCSSM) emphasizes.
April Cherrington, a member of that task force, will be one
of the presenters. Other presenters include Edric Cane,
author of the new book Teaching to Intuition; Lew Douglas,
BAMP Co-Director; Emiliano Gomez, UC Berkeley MDTP
Director and teacher of pre-service courses on campus;
and Keith Terry and Linda Akiyama sharing wonderful
kinesthetic activities that will be easily available. Videos will
be shown and discussed to illustrate effective pedagogical
practices called for by the eight Standards for Mathematical
Since 1984, BAMP has supported innovative teaching
methods and provided content and leadership development
for thousands of Bay Area teachers.

(*) The AAAAAIE, or Aie! Aie! Aie! Aie! Aie!, of which I am the founder and probably the only member, is the American Association Against the Abuse of Acronyms In Education.